Here are five reasons to drop by and explore the Fool Community of discussion boards:

1. You can learn a lot. About investing in general. About many different specific stocks. About countless aspects of life, too, such as finding a job, parenting, retiring, paying for college, buying a car or home, paying off debt, buying insurance, negotiating deals, living below your means... and more!

2. You can get answers to your questions. Fooldom is a two-way, or million-way, street on the discussion boards. Many Fool staffers are out on the boards answering questions and explaining things, as are many helpful Fool readers.

3. Reading the discussion boards can help "embiggen" your wallet, as The Simpsons might say. Learn how to save money in myriad ways. Discover some great companies in which to invest. (Many if not most of our staff writers and analysts have gotten plenty of good investing ideas from our community.) Learn about scams to avoid.

4. Enjoy the sense of community. Become a regular on a few boards and you'll get to know some new characters. Many friendships have sprung up on our boards as people share information, thoughts, and chuckles.

5. They're inexpensive (costing as much as a modest magazine subscription) -- and we offer a free trial! You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Give the boards a whirl! Here's another piece I prepared on them, offering some snippets and a list of interesting boards. I also cover boards in this get-to-know-the-Fool article. For a more comprehensive idea of what boards are out there, here are some long but interesting lists of investing-related and non-investing-related boards.