I have a soft spot for restaurant stocks, and it's not just because my stomach is rumbling. Before I became TMFBreakerRick, I spent my first decade here as TMF Edible. I got my start in 1995 picking apart food and restaurant stocks.

I still lean that way. These days I own a bit of CBRLGroup (NASDAQ:CBRL) and a slice of Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ:CAKE). That finds me more than intrigued by the pair of Motley Fool Hidden Gems recommendations in CECEntertainment (NYSE:CEC) and Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD).

Hmmmm, chicken wings. I won't let my stomach get in the way of this week's bout. It's clear that Buffalo Wild Wings has been a fast-growing company. The way the market snapped up shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) earlier this year, it's also clear that Wall Street still has an appetite for the right restaurant stocks. Does Buffalo Wild Wings fit the bill?

Not all Fools agree. This week, Ryan Furhmann will show us why he is bullish on the model, while Anders Bylund feels that the eatery's stock may give investors indigestion.

Does this headstrong Hidden Gems pick belong in your menu? That's what this week's Duel is all about.

Duel on!