Retailers' quarterly earnings start this week and run through November. And over the next six weeks, The Motley Fool will be right there to keep you informed about the important information that companies are sharing.

We'll start off with the Motley Fool Hidden Gems recommendations that are reporting this week:

Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD) plans to let us know how things are going at its popular hangout. A few months ago, some Fools dueled over whether the concept still had wings (or had them clipped). We'll soon see who won this month's round.

Last month, longtime Fool Rick Munarriz commented about the good and the bad going on at my family's favorite pizza-slinging mouse house, CEC Entertainment (NYSE:CEC), otherwise known as Chuck E. Cheese. Is Chuck getting his house in better shape this month? We'll find out who gets the cheese later this week.

Last quarter, air-mattress maker and retailer Select Comfort (NASDAQ:SCSS) gave investors a good night's rest by beating Wall St. analyst estimates again. The stock has been on a tear recently, following this great performance. Will the trend continue? The Fool will stay up late to get you the details.

Moving over to the bargain bin at Inside Value, OSI Restaurant Partners (NYSE:OSI) will say "g'day" from the kitchen, and tell us how the "Pirate" saga is faring. You see, OSI Restaurant Partners found itself under siege from a Pirate one month, only to watch that Pirate turn and sail the other way shortly thereafter. Perhaps we'll find out why they jumped ship when this quarter's numbers come out.

Do you like shiny tools that can help you loosen those hard-to-reach bolts under the hood of your car without tearing up your knuckles? (Yes, that was from the voice of experience.) So does our Income Investor newsletter, now led by James Early. And this week, Snap-On (NYSE:SNA) will let us know whether it got that bolt out easily or stripped the head off in the process.

Last and certainly not least, bebeStores (NASDAQ:BEBE) -- that Stock Advisor selection and purveyor of fashion -- will let us know what's been flying off the shelves and what's stinking up the sale rack.

Are you ready for retail earnings season to start? I can't hear you! I SAID, are you ready for retail earnings season to start?

Me too! And there's nothing like starting the week off with a bang.

Fool on!

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Retail editor and Inside Value team memberDavid Meierdoes not own shares in any of the companies mentioned. You can view his TMF profilehere. The Fool takes itsdisclosure policyvery seriously.