What do you get when you spin off a good business from one that's underperforming? Usually you get a rising stock price. And that's exactly what happened after shoe retailer DSW (NYSE:DSW) left the Retail Ventures (NYSE:RVI) nest.

The reason the company's stock price has been rising is that it's performed well, and the third quarter was no different.

Sales for the quarter increased 10%, and same-store sales rose a respectable 2.6%. The real story was in the margins, though. They were up across the board, leading to a 44% increase in diluted EPS from $0.25 to $0.36 per share (here's a full numbers breakdown). The improved performance gave management the confidence to increase its earnings guidance for the year to $1.35-$1.38 from $1.24-$1.27.

Given my affinity for spin-offs, DSW is a business I keep my eye on. Unfortunately, I haven't followed it closely enough, given it's up more than 56% since coming public, including today's rise to almost $38 per share. So a couple of things stood out in a recent interview President Peter Horvath and Chief Merchandising Officer Debbie Ferre did with Footwear News.

They have an ambitious goal of moving from a 2.5% market share to a number closer to 10%. It's always good to set goals, but that one seems to be particularly big, especially given the fragmented nature of the industry.

What's their plan of attack? Good merchandising is certainly a key, and that means getting the right merchandise for the right season and balancing brand-named products from Columbia Sportswear (NASDAQ:COLM), Guess? (NYSE:GES), Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX), and Timberland (NYSE:TBL) with a new private label collection.

It also means opening new stores in new markets and continuing to be opportunistic with its leased operations, like those inside department store Stein Mart (NASDAQ:SMRT). But the most important thing, in my opinion, is to continue to be known as a retailer that offers customers a good experience and a good value. That's why its loyalty program is a key component.

The company continues to generate lots of free cash flow, but a thumbnail valuation leads me to believe it's pretty close to fairly valued -- especially considering the stock price was up more than 10% this morning. Perhaps if I keep my eyes open a bit more, I'll catch an opportunity on a dip.

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