Shares of hot-wings purveyor and sports-bar operator Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD) are as red-hot as some of its sauces, having almost doubled since the lows they reached last summer. Even with the run-up, if growth continues the way the company is proposing, share performance will keep sizzling.

B-dubs, as the company is also known, reported fourth-quarter and year-end 2006 results yesterday after the market close. It's hard to find results as impressive as the fourth quarter's -- sales improved 41.3%, and same-store sales at company-owned stores grew 13.2%. Franchised comps grew a mortal 6.5%, but the combination of an extra week during the quarter and favorable cost trends contributed to a 157% growth in diluted earnings.

Results for the year were also impressive. Total sales grew 33%, and diluted earnings advanced nearly 82%. Even better, B-dubs is generating enough internal capital to fund projected 15% unit growth over the next three years. It also expects 20% sales and 25% earnings growth over the same time frame. Only a handful of other food chains, such as P.F. Chang's (NASDAQ:PFCB), Kona Grill (NASDAQ:KONA), and Sonic (NASDAQ:SONC), are capable of matching that type of growth, but none compete in the currently popular chicken-wing-and-sports-bar realm.

At close to 30 times trailing earnings, Buffalo Wild Wings' stock is now being priced as if its stellar growth prospects are a forgone conclusion. Based on market capitalization, the company still qualifies as a small-cap stock, and a low store count means it has plenty of room to expand. I wouldn't count on results as strong as those just posted, and there will undoubtedly be speed bumps along the way, but the future still looks bright for B-dubs.

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