We can go halfway around the world to China to kick off the new trading week. eLong (NASDAQ:LONG) posts its quarterly results on Monday. The travel specialist isn't growing as quickly as its larger rival (NASDAQ:CTRP) but it's hard to argue against its niche. Travel in a booming economy? With the Olympics in Beijing coming next summer? Sooner or later, eLong has to get it right. Maybe that starts now.

Then we can don the orange apron and check up on Home Depot (NYSE:HD). Now that the Bob Nardelli era is over, it's time to worry less about CEO compensation and more about the necessary turnaround at the company. It may not be easy. Analysts expect the company to post first-quarter earnings of $0.60 a share, lower than the $0.70 per share that it produced a year earlier.

A good turnaround model for Home Depot will be on display a day later when Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) reports. The computer maker is a company that definitely got a lift when it had a change at the helm. Mark Hurd's turnaround has been amazing, even as rival PC makers continue to struggle. Wall Street is looking for profits to clock in 20% higher at $0.65 a share.

(NASDAQ:INTU) reports fiscal third-quarter results on Thursday. Expect analysts to ask how the tax filing season went for the TurboTax preparation software maker.

The doctor is in on Friday. Well, Dr. Reddy's Laboratory (NYSE:RDY) is in, anyway. Let's hope that the Indian pharmaceuticals specialist closes out the busy trading week with the right prescription.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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