Let's start off the trading week by traveling all the way to China to check in on (Nasdaq: SOHU). The Chinese online media giant is on a roll lately. Analysts expect earnings to triple to $0.36 a share for the quarter. That's an ambitious call, but Sohu has topped profit targets in each of the past three quarters. More importantly to those who like spotting trends, Sohu has beaten estimates by an increasingly wider margin in every subsequent quarter.

If you're craving chicken wings on Tuesday, you're going to love Buffalo Wild Wings (Nasdaq: BWLD). Wall Street is looking for the casual-dining chain to grow earnings by 13% to $0.36 a share for the quarter. Sure, it's the same $0.36 a share as Sohu posted, but you can't be too picky in the restaurant sector. Any growth is commendable these days.

It's time for an Akamai (Nasdaq: AKAM) salute on Wednesday. The leader in speeding up the Internet by serving up quick and secure Web pages and digital downloads is still growing. The Rule Breakers recommendation may have bumped up against cutthroat competition, but analysts see profits surging 39% higher for its latest quarter.

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) also reports on Wednesday. The numbers there won't amount to much. The big story will be whether the company has anything new to discuss about its AOL subsidiary.  

The world's largest company refuels on Thursday. ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) pulls up to the pump. It should be another monster quarter for the company, given rising fuel prices. Analysts see earnings soaring 31% higher for the period, though ExxonMobil blew past its quarterly guesstimate three months ago.  

We can then wrap up the trading week with a look at Otter Tail (Nasdaq: OTTR). The conglomerate that sells everything from electric energy to medical devices has been a steady investment over the years -- it's raised its dividend in each of the past 33 years -- but let's not call it predictable. Wall Street has underestimated the stock's earnings potential for three consecutive quarters. Investors will no doubt hope that this becomes a streak that lasts as long as its annual payout increases have.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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