Chipotle's (NYSE: CMG) stock continues to sizzle, but every momentum stock eventually loses steam. How do you know when to jump off the momentum train? You can rely on intuition -- probably a bad idea -- or crunch the numbers and see whether they add up. Let's break out the calculator and determine whether Chipotle's share price might be headed south of the border.

A look at los numeros
Growth for Chipotle means selling more burritos, by increasing same-store sales and adding stores. In the recent conference call, management projected same-store sales to increase in the "low single digits." For my analysis, I'm going to call that 3%. Management also plans to add 135 to 145 stores in 2011 -- let's say 140.

Over the last four quarters, the company has brought approximately 10% of sales to the bottom line. The following table extends these assumptions over the next two years.

Metric 2010 (Actual) 2011 (Projected) 2012 (Projected)
Sales per store $1.69 million $1.75 million $1.8 million
Stores 1,084 1,224 1,364
Total Sales $1.83 billion $2.14 billion $2.45 billion
Profit Margin 9.8% 10% 10%
Profit $179 million $213.6 million, or $6.89 per share $245.1 million, or $7.91 per share

So what value should we place on such performance? In the restaurant industry, the average forward P/E hovers around 20. But Chipotle likely has greater growth potential than larger restaurant chains like former parent McDonald's (NYSE: MCD), so it deserves a higher P/E than the 14 of the Golden Arches.

But how much higher? Peter Lynch famously said, "The P/E ratio of any company that's fairly priced will equal its growth rate." Lynch was referring to annual growth rate. Analysts predict about 20% annual five-year growth for Chipotle – a little bit higher than what we've got here. But let's run with that number.

Here's the calculation of stock value, assuming a P/E multiple equal to the analysts' projected growth rate, with a few higher multiples for comparison:


20 times

30 times

40 times

2011 earnings of $6.89 $138 $207 $276
2012 earnings of $7.91 $158 $237 $316

The bottom line
With a recent price of $281, it would appear that Chipotle has neared its peak. In light of the generous P/E ratios that I have applied to future earnings, sky-high investor expectations may have left the company overvalued.

If you're looking for growth in restaurants without the gaudy price, check out Famous Dave's of America (Nasdaq: DAVE) and Tim Hortons (NYSE: THI). Both restaurant chains have PEG ratios less than 1, signaling that their bottom lines are growing faster than their share prices.  

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