In order to keep you ahead of the curve during earnings season, the Motley Fool's retail sector previews which companies will report in the upcoming week of Nov. 20-24. In the process, we'll let you know what happened last quarter, so that you'll better know what to expect this time around.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and while we're counting our blessings -- I know I've got a lot to be thankful for -- we'll see an interesting assortment of companies reporting their quarterly performance.

We'll start the week with some news from value-priced retailers Dollar General (NYSE:DG) and Dollar Tree (NASDAQ:DLTR). I wonder whether their performance reports will be as divergent as their Motley Fool CAPS ratings. Only 36 of 53 investors in our new community-intelligence service think Dollar General will outperform the S&P 500. On the other hand, 23 of 25 investors have taken a shine to Motley Fool Inside Value recommendation Dollar Tree. Most intriguingly, Dollar General has been lagging, while Dollar Tree has been leading. I can't wait to learn more next week.

Two bling-slingers will also let us know how their businesses are faring, when high-end retailer Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) and jeweler Signet Group (NYSE:SIG) release their earnings. Both have shown resiliency in what many consider tough economic times, given the housing slowdown. Will their trends continue?

The other gorilla in the wild world of home-improvement retailing, Lowe's (NYSE:LOW), is looking to overthrow its big orange competitor and become the leader of the tribe. This quarter, we'll see whether it's gained any ground or not.

Coldwater Creek (NASDAQ:CWTR) is a women's fashion retailer that caters to a great group of customers: women 35 and older with money to spend. I can't think of a better customer group if you have the right merchandise to sell. Fortunately, Coldwater Creek has been doing a pretty good job lately. I look forward to finding out what this quarter's report has in store, given the tough times endured by competitors Urban Outfitters, with its Anthropologie segment, and Chico's FAS.

And it wouldn't be a week in retailing without hearing from a restaurant. This week's special is Jack in the Box (NYSE:JBX). It may not be everyone's favorite eatery, but you have to admit that its commercials are pretty darn funny. Now that we're approaching the holidays, I can't wait to see what hijinks Jack will cause.

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Retail editor and Inside Value team member David Meier is ranked 66 out of 13,207 players in CAPS and does not own shares in any of the companies mentioned. You can view his TMF profile here. The Fool takes its disclosure policy very seriously.