Honestly, I thought I was going to steamroll right over Matthew's Bear case for Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY). However, he brought up lots of good points that really put me on the ropes.

But if you think I'm ready to fall to the canvas, think again.

You remember those high and rising margins I referred to in my Bull case? Those are very attractive to competitors. Luckily, competitors like Pier 1 (NYSE:PIR) and Cost Plus (NASDAQ:CPWM) are having a hard time as of late, and Restoration Hardware (NASDAQ:RSTO) is still small.

But Matthew said he worries about what Target (NYSE:TGT) and Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) can do. And he's right to worry about those ubiquitous big boxes. Target has its cheap-chic selections and Wal-Mart can sell lots of stuff with its low-price strategy. But I would question just how much floor space those two can really devote to home decor to compete on selection. It's tough to compete against specialty stores -- like, for instance, electronics retailers Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) -- and I think the same goes for Bed Bath & Beyond.

So it comes down to a question of valuation. This is where no two value investors are the same. We present our best estimates and go with our judgments. While store openings and sales may be slowing down, the company continues to get more out of its stores. That's why I think free cash flow, adjusted for growth capex, can grow faster than expected and the stock can outperform the market -- even at today's prices.

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