You might hear the term "The Dow" a lot, but odds are, you're not entirely aware of which companies make up the Dow -- more formally known as The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Many people don't realize it, but the Dow is merely an average based on the stock prices of 30 companies. Yes, out of thousands and thousands of existing companies, just 30 make up the Dow. Here are a few:

  • AIG
  • Alcoa
  • Altria Group
  • American Express
  • Boeing
  • DuPont
  • ExxonMobil
  • General Motors
  • Merck
  • United Technologies

The list could change at any time, but it actually doesn't change all that often. (For the full list, click here.) The last time it changed was in April of 2004, when Bill Mann recapped the switcheroos. The list above may remain as is for years. (Learn about the math behind the Dow.)

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DuPont is an Income Investor selection, and Merck used to be one.

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