A comedy of prehistoric proportions is trying to club its way into the ABC primetime lineup this fall. Disney's (NYSE:DIS) ABC is developing a sitcom pilot that revolves around the caveman characters that star in Berkshire Hathaway's (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) GEICO ads.

Three cavemen? Living in Atlanta? Trying to come to terms with a world that views them as mere Neanderthals? It could work. I mean, stranger things have happened. Berkshire Hathaway won't have a hand in the creative process, though it stands to collect licensing revenue along the way.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Sure, there's a good chance that ABC never even gets around to screening the pilot, but what if it's a smash hit? What if it whets the licensing appetite over at Berkshire Hathaway? If that happens, this idea may be only the beginning.

If Marvel (NYSE:MVL) can cash in on its rich collection of superhero comic-book characters, what if Berkshire Hathaway were to become the next Hollywood mogul because of its rich portfolio of corporate properties?

Here are a few shows that may -- or may not be -- in development at BH Studios:

Queen for a Day -- Remember when the NBA fined Mark Cuban five years ago for saying that a certain official wasn't fit to manage a Dairy Queen? He paid the price and then made nice with Berkshire Hathaway's Dairy Queen chain by working the Blizzard machine for a day. Why should Cuban have all the fun? Queen for a Day would be a reality series in which celebrities come in for a day of working the soft-serve machine and interacting with guests. Dip that Dilly Bar, David Arquette. Get moving on that MooLatte, Tara Reid.

Buffett Swap -- Warren Buffett and possible distant cousin Jimmy Buffett couldn't be further apart. One sings about lost shakers of salt, while the other knows how to pepper your portfolio. Let's have them switch places. It may not sound like compelling viewing, but just watch as Warren tries to get through the first few bars of "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Then double over from laughing as Jimmy sells off some of Berkshire Hathaway's holdings for outlandish reasons. Procter & Gamble is not a casino operator, my friend. Watch the Parrot Head leader as he cashes out of credit-rating agency Moody's (NYSE:MCO), fearing that it's a maker of mood-altering drugs, only to panic when Charlie Munger lets him know that Berkshire Hathaway is holding $9.7 billion worth of Coke (NYSE:KO).

Will It Float? -- It's America's favorite new game show. Contestants gather around a suburban home's backyard swimming pool. Items from Berkshire's Nebraska Furniture Mart are presented. With money on the line, players are asked a simple question -- will it float? -- before the piece of furniture gets tossed into the pool.

CIO Idol -- Now that the Oracle of Omaha has made it clear that you may be Berkshire Hathaway's next chief investment officer, let's make it interesting. Have an open audition for aspiring stock pickers. Have fiscal crooners belt out their favorite investments. Watch as "You're going to Omaha!" becomes the latest catchphrase. See whether we can book Jim Cramer to fill the Simon Cowell role.

See's the Day -- In this lovable animated series, delectable confections from Berkshire's See's Candies come to life to delight children of all ages. Brittle's always getting into trouble. Tammy Toffee-ette's got a heart of gold, always wanting to show Brittle the error of his ways. Hen Rietta wants more out of life than laying chocolate marshmallow-filled eggs. Cornier than candy corn? You bet, but if Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) can strike it rich with a computer-rendered kids' series about candy-filled pinatas, why couldn't this idea work?

Before the end credits roll
Will there ever be a studio-licensing arm at Berkshire Hathaway? Probably not. I guess my screenplay for Munger She Wrote -- a coming-of-age epic about a young woman who discovers the meaning of life as Charlie Munger's pen pal -- will wait for a few more years.

However, the Caveman series is the real deal. Everyone with whom I've shared the news seems aghast at first, but then they all come around to embracing the possibility that it just might work. ABC has mastered the hour-long dramas. It is sorely in need of a sitcom spark. Can that spark come from the same folks who brought us fire?

It's worth a shot. If not, there's always Plan B. You know, cue the gecko.

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Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz enjoys the wit behind the caveman ads, so he's going to give the development deal the benefit of the doubt. He does own shares in Disney. He is also part of the Rule Breakers newsletter research team, seeking out tomorrow's ultimate growth stocks a day early. The Fool has a disclosure policy.