It's been about four months since I recommended Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) as a core stock for your portfolio. Time for a quick update.

Things are still looking bright for Mr. Softy. Since November, Microsoft has sold more than 8 million Kinect gaming units and 2 million Windows Phone 7 licenses. These new products are, of course, on top of Microsoft's cash cows: operating systems and business software. Sales of both should accelerate as the economy improves and businesses satisfy pent-up demand.

I tend to focus on valuations when sizing up a company, and things still look great there as well.

Microsoft quick stats

Operations Microsoft is the world's largest software developer, with a near-monopoly on personal computer operating systems and business software.
Recent Price $27.45
Market Cap $233 billion
Trailing P/E Ratio 11.8
Return on Equity, Last 12 Months 46.7%

Source: Yahoo! Finance.

Shares trade at 10.7 times analysts' estimates for 2011 earnings, delivering a 2.3% dividend. Microsoft generated $23 billion of free cash flow over the past 12 months, or a staggering 10% yield on the company's market cap. Put another way, if Microsoft paid out all its free cash flow in the form of dividends, it could pay a 10% yield per year -- and conceivably grow that payout year after year. There simply aren't many other bargains like that in today's market, especially in high-quality businesses like Microsoft.

Then there's the cash hoard. After accounting for debt and long-term investments, it now stands at roughly $40 billion, or nearly $5 per share. Microsoft can do a few different things with this cash. It could pay a one-time special dividend, like it did in 2004. It could add to its already large share buyback program. Or it could make a strategic acquisition. With shares trading at what seem like obviously cheap levels, I'd like to see increased buybacks, and think we very likely will in the year ahead.

Bottom line: Microsoft is doing well, trading cheaply, and possessed of a bright future outlook. As the market surges and bargains dry up, there's still plenty of room for optimism for this company.

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