If you've been watching TV, you've probably caught the Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) spots for its new Mini Card. Measuring a diminutive 1 1/2" by 2 1/2" and built for swinging from your keychain, the card brings new meaning to reducing one's debt. But is it a good idea?

It's bloody brilliant. No need to click on over to our Credit Center (although why wouldn't you?) to know that credit card issuers want you to choose plastic over paper. And with hidden perks and special offers, they motivate you constantly to use their card. That's where Bank of America scores here. A companion to a full-sized card you'll no doubt stash away somewhere, the Mini will be the handiest plastic when it's time to close a transaction.

Smart move.

Or is it? The Mini Card's problems aren't so mini. Some places, like gas stations or retail chains like Target (NYSE:TGT), require that you insert a full-sized card. Other times you may be asked for identification, which means you have to reach into your pocketbook anyway. But an even bigger problem is that your plastic is dangling with your set of keys.

Will you remember to remove it next time you have a valet park your car? And how many times have you misplaced your keys compared to your wallet or purse? True, the beauty of plastic is that you typically have zero or limited liability for unauthorized purchases, but it's still a hassle to straighten out.

So go small if you want to. Me? I'm holding out for the Monster Card -- the one the size of an Ed McMahon sweepstakes check. It won't travel well but at least I know that it won't take me for a ride.

What do you think about this new Bank of America Mini Card? Will it become the new standard or is it simply a passing fad? Are you receiving more or less credit card pre-approved applications by mail these days? All this and more -- in the Consumer Credit/Credit Cards discussion board. Only on Fool.com.