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Toby Shute

Toby Shute


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SunPower Shares Popped: What You Need to Know

Is this meaningful? Or just another movement?

A Spinoff That Went Sour

These special situations often beat the market, but they can also blow up in your face.

2 Drillers Head to the Altar

This Ensco and Pride merger may be a match made in heaven.

Chesapeake's Taking the Right Steps

The company looks to be showing a real commitment to its debt reduction plan.

Suncor's Getting Back On Track

The oil-sands sultan has all the makings of a solid year ahead.

Anadarko's Remarkable Rebound

I told you this deepwater company wouldn't go down.

This Oil Stock's Gotten Ahead of Itself

Samson Oil & Gas has run up to a level that doesn't appear to leave much room for error.

It's Good to Be a Land Driller

Helmerich & Payne kicks off what should be an extraordinary earnings season for contract drillers.

Chesapeake Produces Another Promising Partnership

Once again, the firm's managed to secure a well-financed partner to help fund a big drilling play.

Deepwater Rig Building Boom May Leave Casualties

One driller in particular looks vulnerable to the furious pace of new orders.

Fact-Checking Jim Rogers on Oil

The world's running out of oil? That's news to me.

Hyperdynamics Takes a Hyperdive

This sell-off provides a good case study on speculation.

How's the Eagle Ford Shale Shaping Up?

This play continues to soar on the back of premium pricing for oil and other liquids relative to natural gas

Despite Gulf Woes, New Rigs Getting Built

Noble's latest order shows the confidence that drillers have in long-term fundamentals.

Why Is Samson Soaring Today?

I blame a hyped-up research report the company funded.

Stop Hyperventilating About Hyperdynamics

This oil explorer is looking pretty pricey at current levels.

We Buy Ugly Stocks

Value investing isn't always pretty, but it works.

What a Difference a Well Makes

E&Ps can see their stocks soar on the back of a single drilling result. Is it worth the gamble?

Chesapeake Finally Takes Its Foot off the Pedal

It's about time these guys got serious about settling down.

An Acquisition Arbitrage in Apparel

Aren't the share prices of acquirers supposed to drop?

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