Feeling sorry for yourself this holiday season? Overcome your angst by basking in the money maladies of others! Here's the official Holiday Rundown of Sad Sap Statistics That Make You Look Like Warren Buffett In Comparison. (Or, for easier reference, we'll use the handy acronym: HRSSSTMYLLWBIC.)

  • Three-fourths of workers age 55 to 64 have less than $56,000 saved for retirement.
  • Forty-two percent of workers cash out their 401(k)s rather than transfer (or "roll over") the assets to an IRA or a new employer's retirement plan.
  • One-third of "millennials" (those born after 1979) do not contribute a single dollar to their work-sponsored retirement savings plan.
  • Twenty percent of credit cards are maxed out.
  • Last year the average household paid $1,000 in interest on the money it borrowed.
  • Among these debt "revolvers," credit card debt averages over $11,000 per household.
  • The U.S. personal savings rate has declined from nearly 8.5% in the early 1980s to less than zero today.
  • One out of every 73 U.S. households files for bankruptcy.

See? Spending time with the relatives isn't looking so bad in comparison, is it?

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