Big things are afoot with the Big Gulp people. 7-Eleven(NYSE: SE) is reporting a 3.5% spike in same-store sales for the month of August. What makes the performance even more impressive is that it comes on top of a 7.5% uptick in August of 2001. The convenience store chain has been rocking through the lackluster economy, but it seems to be doing so mostly unnoticed.

With its share price languishing in the single digits, the stock seems to be fighting the same kind of stigma associated with its stores -- as petty corner stores serving up frozen Slurpees to those on the run, or suburban hangouts for folks who like to drink their brews out of brown paper bags.

The reality is far more exciting. Sales at the same-store level grew by 5.1% last year, after surging 5.3% higher back in 2000. It's hard to get any more recession resilient than 7-Eleven. From the commuter scooping out discounted gasoline to the weary consumer buying groceries in small amounts, 7-Eleven has proven its relevance in today's environment. Now it's time to prove that standing in the stock market.