Over a thousand anti-capitalist activists descended on Washington, D.C., this week to protest annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Tactics included rushing into the street to impede traffic flow and breaking bank windows. Over 600 were arrested.

But good ol' capitalism doesn't sit back and watch the action. That's not in its nature. It fights back, of course, and here's how.

Top 10 Ways Capitalism Fights Back

10. On sale at Target -- today only! -- Kevlar ballistic helmets and 3/16" zinc-plated coil chain.

9. Drenched and shivering on Pennsylvania Ave., several protesters are spotted heading to Starbucks for a hot double latte.

8. "IMF Riot '02: I was there!" T-shirts, now 2-for-1 at Freedom Plaza Park.

7. American Airlines reveals protesters asked for a group discount on tickets and arranged to fly at an off-peak hour.

6. Five heavy-set protesters seen singing, "I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner" on the corner of K Street "to score some free dogs."

5. West Wing producers scramble to incorporate protest in next episode's script.

4. L.L. Bean coordinates protest with launch of its all-weather, rubber bullet-proof, heavy-duty backpack.

3. D.C.'s homeless renting park benches and plots below underpasses to protesters for $5 per hour.

2. Two protesters retain legal counsel, claiming they have First Amendment rights to urinate on the White House fence.

1. New -- Coke Pepper Spray! Loaded under high pressure, just pop the tab of the famous red can and surprise your assailant with a powerful, 30-ft. blast of oleoresin capsicum pepper. Just $29.99.