David Braverman, senior investment officer of Standard & Poor's, told BusinessWeek the economy may be rebounding, and the U.S. stock market "may have finally made a bottom."

Many have loosened their belts and are returning to normal routines, and we've come to the same conclusion. Here, now, are our:

Top 10 Signs a Rebound Is Near

10. Al Roker is back up to six meals a day.

9. Shaquille O'Neal shot a free throw.

8. Brokerage houses are calling the phone companies to get their numbers relisted.

7. Former ImClone CEO Sam Waksal issued "buy" recommendations to his celebrity friends.

6. Shredding machine makers have doubled production.

5. Jack Welch resumed construction of his pyramid outside GE headquarters.

4. Mary Meeker Fan Club is gaining traction again.

3. Sporadic sock puppet sightings.

2. Martha Stewart's ready to make license plates instead of table settings...

1. There's a spike in business at Krispy Kreme, which has historically contributed to many bottoms.