Baby Boomers are entering their retirement years in droves (are you prepared?), and businesses are quaking. With one in five Americans currently older than 55, retailers fear for their bottom lines when the stampede of feisty retirees look to cash in on elder discounts.

Though we haven't noticed local movie theaters and grocery stores canceling their senior deals, several larger organizations have started to pinch perks in what could be a growing trend.

Delta (NYSE: DAL) and American Airlines have boarded up the doors on their senior clubs. And the New York Mets put the kibosh on their senior dollar days (and will probably raise hot dog prices to $23).

The economics of special deals are questionable since today's retirees are wealthier than any other age group. So the lure of saving a few bucks on The Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn't hold the same appeal as it did for their parents. (OK, maybe that wasn't the best example.)

Still, we hope that niceties like the early-bird special will stick around for a while. In the meantime, check out AARP member discounts for the bevy of special offers that are still available to the silver-haired set.

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