The first time Sony(NYSE: SNE) and Pepsi(NYSE: PEP) got together, it was hot.

While filming a TV commercial for the silver medalist in the cola wars, an explosion engulfed Sony recording artist Michael Jackson in flames. Michael made it out singed, but OK. But you know what they say about old flames....

Yesterday, Sony and Pepsi announced they'll team up in an ambitious global marketing campaign that links Sony's music brands with Pepsi's beverages. The two purveyors of pop will cross-promote products, though it seems Pepsi's getting the short end of the marketing shtick.

Think about it. Pepsi is everywhere, while Sony only wishes it could create music legends with the kind of global recognition as the soft drink. The entertainment giant will wedge its music into Pepsi ads, and use the soda and salty snacks specialist to gain access into non-traditional retail establishments, such as convenience stores and gas stations, which feature Pepsi prominently.

Pepsi will also sponsor Sony artists on the road and during televised specials. While the soft-drink giant hopes prominent artists like Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen will pitch its brand, it's pretty obvious this deal is a one-way street. You won't see two-liter bottles of Pepsi Blue bundled with PlayStation2 video game systems. Yes, the annoyingly infectious The Ketchup Song is Sony's handiwork, but you won't get Doritos with that sauce.

Michael Jackson called Sony's music chief Tommy Mottola "very, very, very devilish." One can only imagine the words Pepsi will have for Sony if the deal doesn't prove mutually satisfying.

The cross marketing will kick off over the summer. Without checking the almanac, it looks like it's going to be a scorcher.