If you're looking for a few promising stocks to investigate, you'll find (as always), a treasure trove of ideas right here in Fooldom. For starters, here's a list of 15 companies worth watching and 18 mutual funds with solid track records.

On our discussion boards (free trial available), you'll find thousands of folks talking stocks. Here's a smattering of snippets:

-- On the l'union fait la force board, Fool Community member Douglas403 opined that McDonald's(NYSE: MCD) is on sale, saying: "McDonalds is now selling at its lowest price in seven years and its lowest sales/earnings multiple in 11 years. The company has bought back 200 million shares in the last 10 years, and has increased dividends every year!"

-- On the Foolish Collective board, you'll find a detailed analysis of MGIC InvestmentCorp.(NYSE: MTG). There, admiraltroll notes, "I expect to be able to show that, even with an earnings growth reduction, the intrinsic value of the company is considerably higher than today's stock price (Wow, a bias before I start!)."

-- On the Martian Chronicles board, jkm929 launched a discussion about youth-oriented retailers by mentioning an article that suggested "teenage girls no longer want to look like Britney Spears; now they want to look like Avril Lavigne. As a consequence they've switched from shopping at Bebe(Nasdaq: BEBE), Wet Seal(Nasdaq: WTSL.A), and Charlotte Russe(Nasdaq: CHIC) to shopping at Urban Outfitters(Nasdaq: URBN), Hot Topic(Nasdaq: HOTT), Pacific Sunwear(Nasdaq: PSUN), and thrift stores."

-- On the Drip Investing -- Companies board, you'll find discussions on direct investing plans for General Electric(NYSE: GE)stock, 3M(NYSE: MMM)stock, Johnson & Johnson(NYSE: JNJ)stock, and more.

-- On the Peter Lynch Investing board, folks discuss the merits of Nextel(Nasdaq: NXTL) and Southwest Airlines(NYSE: LUV).

-- On the Rambus(Nasdaq: RMBS)board, sanlaw1 shared promising developments from Intel(Nasdaq: INTC) taken from an article titled "Five Chips That Will Change Your Life."

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