Websense (Nasdaq: WBSN) is probably a company you love to hate, without even knowing it. It provides the software and tools for businesses to monitor and control their employees' Internet usage while on the company dollar. Can't get to TheOnion.com? Getting suspicious looks from your boss and inquiries about your "time management at the office?" Blame Websense.

Better yet, think about investing in it. The stock's getting whacked today by nearly 19%, and from our vantage point, that's an opportunity, not a disgrace. (Getting caught at work looking at that Joe Millionaire contestant's sketchy video stills from her past life is a disgrace.)

So, what's hog-tying (eh-hm, sorry) shares of Websense today, even as it reports a stunningly strong fourth quarter and year? The company's outlook for its first quarter is disappointing the Street. Websense says it will earn $0.13 to $0.14 a share, and analysts were looking for $0.14. And the market reacts by dropkicking it 19%? That's senseless.

Revenues jumped 54% to $17.4 million for Q4, and 70% to $61 million for the year. Quarterly net income skyrocketed to $6.5 million from last year's $1.6 million. The company recorded a tax benefit that boosted earnings, but even without it, income would've more than tripled relative to last quarter. Earnings for the year were equally impressive. Net income was $16.7 million, compared to last year's $3.1 million.

Websense carries no debt and generates scads of free cash flow -- almost $30 million over the last four quarters, in fact. This from a company that has recorded net income of $11.9 million in the same time frame.

Making sense out of Websense isn't hard. Pay no mind to the Street's whining today. Investors looking for a small and quickly growing company should investigate further. You should get some return from your company's snooping ways, right?

Fool co-founder Tom Gardner picked Websense for the December 2002 issue of The Motley Fool Stock Advisor. For more of Tom and David's monthly picks, check it out.