This morning, CEC Entertainment(NYSE: CEC), operator of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants and kid free-for-alls, announced that fourth-quarter earnings came in at $10.9 million, or $0.39 a share, up from $10.4 million, or $0.37 a share, a year ago.

However, the company also said earnings for the current quarter and year will suffer due to several factors, including bad weather, the weak economy, insurance costs, and... higher cheese prices. In fact, the pricier coagulated milk curd will cost the company an additional $2 million this year.

But is that all? We at The Motley Fool have our own ideas, so we came up with the...

Top 16 Other Reasons Chuck E. Cheese Is Hurting

16. Lost the special formula that cleans puke off plastic slides.
15. Jimmy Hoffa found at the bottom of the ball pit.
14. Salad bar actually a liquor-licensed brewpub.
13. Higher meat-flavored sawdust prices.
12. Rampant shakedowns at the change machines.
11. Chuck E.'s in love.
10. Tunnel maze also used for waste disposal.
9. The Jets and the Sharks are fighting over Pac Man turf.
8. Gamblers Anonymous launches campaign against Skee Ball.
7. Michael Eisner scoffs at the notion of a company with a human-sized rodent as a mascot.
6. Higher french-fried Styrofoam prices.
5. Lead-based game tokens.
4. The French.
3. Advertisements for reduced prices that began with "We've Cut the Cheese."
2. Animatronic dog takes children hostage.
1. Whack-A-Mom.

[Note: The preceding list is meant purely in jest. Many of us Fools have very pleasant memories of our times at Chuck E. Cheese. Please visit your local Chuck E. Cheese to support this American institution. Just stay away from the animatronic dog.]