You can save money in almost all facets of your spending life. Here are some ways you can save money that are related to your health.

The biggest tip is probably to go to the dentist and doctor regularly. You can save on possible future medical and dental costs by taking care of yourself. And you may save some extra years of life in the process -- not a bad deal! So, brush, floss, and get those checkups. Some more suggestions:

  • Don't smoke. Smoking is not financially smart -- or any kind of smart, for that matter. (Even just cutting back can save significant moola.)
  • Don't drink alcohol, or reduce your alcohol consumption to a moderate level if it's not already there.
  • Spend more time exercising and less time shopping.
  • Instead of buying exercise videos, consider taping some exercise programs on TV.
  • If you have significant routine health-related expenses, look into using a flexible spending account, which can save you a lot of money by exempting some expenses from your taxable income. Ask your benefits administrator at work about this possibility.

This Robert Brokamp article features more health tips.

You'll find many more suggestions where most of these came from -- our Living Below Your Means discussion board. The board's directory of tips is especially handy (free trial required). Once you've saved some money, put it to work for you! Learn more in our Savings Center, which features some special interest-rate deals.