No doubt you've heard: We Americans aren't very good at saving for retirement.  But here's another tidbit worth noting: We're also pretty bad at contextualizing vast amounts of data.  When those two combine, it can be extremely difficult to tell what's really worth panicking over, and what's better left alone.

Of course, there are very real problems that those approaching retirement will face due to their inability to sock away money during their working years.  But with a limited amount of time to focus on these problems, it's important that these folks focus on the issues that really matter, and not get distracted by mindless math.

In the video below, the Motley Fool's Brian Stoffel breaks down a recent popular article from The Fiscal Times that claims that over half of all soon-to-be retirees will fall short of their retirement goals.  Brian breaks down the claim to show what it would actually mean for the average American retiree.  You might be surprised by what he has to say.