Can IRAs hold investments other than mutual funds, such as individual stocks? They sure can. An IRA itself isn't an investment. Think of it instead as a container that helps you avoid income taxes on earnings (and sometimes on your contributions, too) until you begin withdrawing money years later. In your IRA, you're free to invest in a broad array of securities to be held in the account by a custodian. The custodian may be a bank, a broker, a mutual fund, or an insurance company.

If you want to invest in stocks yourself, establish your IRA with a brokerage in something called a "self-directed account." Then you can deposit your annual contributions, directing your broker when you want to buy, and what shares to buy or sell within that account. In this self-directed account, you can also trade in just about every security offered by the broker, such as CDs, bonds, T-bills, notes, and mutual funds.

There's actually a benefit to holding and trading stocks in an IRA account -- you get to avoid current taxation on any capital gains. Trade stocks in a traditional IRA account and the tax is deferred. Trade in a Roth IRA and, assuming you follow the rules, you'll be trading tax-free!

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