Last week's "Do You Haiku?" contest drew a multitude of responses, including many excellent ones that made the judging of the Haiku very difficult. If your entry did not end up in the winner's circle, never fear! As discussed below, this week we have a trivia contest for your enjoyment and edification.

However, without further ado, let's take a look at our haiku contest winners. Again, as board participant Carajillo noted (see the second haiku in that post), the decision was very difficult. Some Haiku were several verses, others just one. Nevertheless, a couple stood out.

Let's begin with the second-place haiku, winner of the Fool ballcap, which is courtesy of chkNYC. This haiku won for its clarity and elegance, as it captures the hurly-burly of our volatile markets in three pithy lines... or something like that. More importantly, it provides the only day-to-day market analysis anyone really needs:

Market down today.
Yesterday it did go up.
Tomorrow? Who knows.
Next, our first-prize winner of the Fool's brand-new, updated Tax Guide is KenpoKate, whose excellent haiku won for its combination of news and investment analysis, all in one three-line package:
Oops, a surprise jump!
The market timer misses
his buy point again.
Of course, out of the 200-plus entries, there were many other Haiku worthy of note. Board participant phluge provided the first of many seasonal Haiku:
Money grows on trees
Shrivels with the autumn leaves
Springtime rally please!
In addition, many Fools used the opportunity to include Foolish lessons in their Haiku. In fact, NormalGuy started the Haiku off with this nugget of Foolish wisdom:
When the market tanks
The Wise cry of doom and woe
A Fool is patient
Finally, we must give credit to first-time poster irafie, who captured the frustration that many investors may feel given the recent market unpleasantness:
Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl's
Kmart, Sears, Penny's, and Gap
Portfolio crap
Monopoly Trivia Contest!
Not a big fan of Haiku? Then try out this week's trivia contest.

Below are some trivia questions originally developed by the Radio Show Fools revolving around the time-honored board game of Monopoly. All answers are either true or false. To participate, submit your answers to the 14 questions below in an e-mail to Deadline is this Monday, Jan. 15, at midnight.

First prize of a Motley Fool T-shirt goes to the Fool with the most correctly answered questions (and if necessary, with the closest answer to the tiebreaker question). If more than one Fool gets the tiebreaker correct, we will randomly select from among that group.

Rules and Disclaimers: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Motley Fool employees and their families are not eligible for prizes, even if they ask nicely. This contest is not affiliated with, endorsed or licensed by Hasbro, Inc. Monopoly and Parker Brothers are registered trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. And again, Fools, you'll need to email your answers to

Monopoly Trivia Contest

True or False:
1) Escape maps were placed inside Monopoly games and smuggled into POW camps in Germany during W.W.II.

2) Twinkies were inserted into a Monopoly game and smuggled on to the Apollo Eleven spacecraft by Buzz Aldrin.

3) The largest Monopoly board ever required a full city block.

4) The longest Monopoly game ever played was 70 days long.

5) Values of monopoly properties have been adjusted twice for inflation since 1935.

6) In 1986, Donald Trump offered Parker Brothers $9 million to change the property "Park Place" to "Trump Place."

7) Each year the makers of Monopoly produce more than twice as much play money as the U.S. Mint does real money.

8) For a brief period following W.W.II, Monopoly money was used as legal tender in the Mariana Islands.

9) In a recent online poll, the dog was the most popular Monopoly token.

10) In a recent online poll, the candlestick was the least popular Monopoly token.

11) Charles Darrow created Monopoly while unemployed during the Great Depression.

12) Charles Darrow later sold a less-successful game to Parker Brothers called "Father Stan, Where's My Ham?"

13) The "Get out of Jail Free" card can be cashed in for $50.

14) The "Whole Life Insurance" card can be redeemed for $67.

Roughly how much Monopoly money does Parker Brothers produce every year?