What do you get when you mix an oversized pink pig in the shape of a barbecue, a Harley Davidson, a pit bull/boxer, and a true Fool?

The SmokinLizard Freedom Tour!

After the September 11 attacks, one of The Motley Fool community faithful and former Navy man Greg "SmokinLizard" Reece decided to do what he could to help. Not able to enlist in the military again, Greg combined his passion for slow cook barbecue with his sweet Harley ride and traveled across the country -- destination Ground Zero. Mission? Feed the rescue workers.

Toting an oversized barbecue grill, shaped like a gigantic pig, SmokinLizard set out across the country to meet friends, see the country, and eventually get to New York City. The adventure that ensued was filled with fun, surprises, and lots of cooking. Want to know how the adventure played out? Check out this article written by The Bakersfield Californian newspaper about Greg's journey.

On behalf of all the barbecue-loving patriotic Fools out there, we salute you, Greg!

Read the story in the paper

Check out Greg's website with all of the pictures and his account

The SmokinLizard Freedom Tour!