Welcome back, stock fans! Our Stock Madness contest is now over, with Bally Total Fitness(NYSE: BFT) prevailing over The Sports Authority(NYSE: TSA) in an exciting finale. (The results of each round of action were posted on the Fool Contests discussion board.) And with that, our quarter-long contest cycle comes to a thrilling end.

So, we have two winners to announce. First, congratulations to petzefns, who scored an impressive 11 points in the Stock Madness contest, capturing first place and a free entry into our Panning for Gold online seminar. Here is the top 10 for this week's contest:

    Name           Games Won
 1. petzefns            11 
 2. brendanmonaghan1    10 
 3. waymee              10 
 4. shylar               9 
 5. cranord              9 
 6. shawnr33             9 
 7. sergiou2             8 
 8. MotleyJay            8 
 9. mr799                8 
10. phoolishandy         7 

And with that, the overall Fool Contest champion has emerged. The winner of the $500 grand prize is <drum roll>.... shawnr33! By picking up five Contest Points in Stock Madness, shawnr33 just edged past jack24k for the top spot. Here is the final top 10 (okay, 11 because of ties), all of whom will receive a Motley Fool cap and T-shirt for their efforts:

    Name          Total Points
 1. shawnr33            26 
 2. jack24k             25 
 3. BroadwayDan         20 
 4. altaboy             15 
 5. FixitWoman          11 
  - Phileo              11 
 7. GaryHoward          10 
  - maccdw              10 
  - msurel              10 
  - petzefns            10 
  - poorartists         10 

(Plenty of Fools scored points during the quarter, and the complete standings are available here.)

Our thanks to one and all for your participation and good sportsmanship. Be sure to check back often for more Fool contests!