Below are the returns of companies featured in last year's Stocks for Mom:

      Stock          Ticker    Fool    Return
Delta (SHORT)   DAL   TMF Edible  41.6%
Johnson & John. JNJ   TMF Tom9    31.2%
Berkshire Hath. BRK.B TMF Tardior  7.1%         EFTD  TMF Verve    1.5%
Southwest Air   LUV   TMF Selena  -4.0%
Jones Apparel   JNY   TMF Chris   -9.1%
Martha Stewart  MSO   TMF Tonto  -15.4%
RealNetworks    RNWK  TMF Edible -25.0%
S&P 500                          -14.9%

Returns assume the reinvestment of all dividends, and are for the period 5/8/01 through 5/3/02.