The Motley Fool Radio Show on NPR is a weekly one-hour mix of Foolish commentary, interviews, phone calls, games, and special Fool features. On each week's show, David and Tom Gardner interview CEOs and celebrities and offer up The Motley Fool Take on some of the week's business news. Here are some highlights from our recent show.

On the current bear market:

Tom Gardner: "We're in a major, major bear market. An extraordinary bear market. Five out of the eight largest Chapter 11 bankruptcies have happened this year. But now is probably a good time to invest, because there are a lot of great companies out there that are being unfairly associated with all of this corporate fraud -- corporate fraud that simply isn't true for many of the consumer product companies in America."

On New York City's recent hike in its cigarette tax:

Tom Gardner: "I support higher taxes on cigarettes across the country. It's time for smokers to bear their own healthcare costs."

David Gardner: "Where does it stop? Smokers are already paying high taxes for their cigarettes. A lot of us have bad hearts because of bad foods. I'm waiting for the Twinkie tax."

It's a Motley show... and if you need proof, we offer The Motley Fool Radio guest and Who's the Boss? star Tony Danza, sharing some thoughts on "Who's the boss in corporate America?"

Tony Danza: I think once you tie executive pay to stock price; once we live by expected earnings; once we decide that what's good for the stock market is good for America, then we get in these kinds of situations [WorldCom, Enron, etc.]... There was once a time where we had American companies who had some allegiance to the citizenry and the country. We no longer have that now. We have global companies now whose only allegiance is to the bottom line."

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