The Motley Fool Radio Show on NPR is a weekly one-hour mix of Foolish commentary, interviews, phone calls, games, and special Fool features. On each week's show, David and Tom Gardner interview CEOs and celebrities and offer up The Motley Fool Take on some of the week's business news. Here are some highlights from our recent show.

On President Bush's plan to clean up corporate corruption:

Tom Gardner: Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-Md) has drawn up a bill that is very strict in how it treats accounting firms. The bill is tough on public companies and tough on corporate fraud. Congress needs to pass the Sarbanes bill, and President Bush needs to sign it so that investors can once again trust the numbers that public companies are reporting.

Its product is in eight-out-of-10 U.S. households. And its stock has beaten the S&P over the last one- and three-year periods. WD-40 Co. (Nasdaq: WDFC) CEO Garry Ridge shares his thoughts on his role as leader of the squeaky clean company.

It really makes me mad when I see things happening in corporate America which are truly driven by greed. My role as WD-40 CEO is to create increased value over time. My role is not to create a spike in something (the stock price) that makes all of us rich, so that I can then say goodbye.

Oakland A's Assistant GM Paul Depodesta on the basic economics of baseball:

A lot of money comes from the national television deal. The in-park revenue isn't as big a percentage as what a lot of people think. The biggest discrepancy between major league clubs comes from local media deals. The Yankees, for instance, have a cable and radio deal that is significantly bigger than the deal we have in Oakland. 

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