Goofyhoofy is the only 2001 Feste Award finalist to make it into the ranks again this year. While the Goofy one didn't win this year's Feste Award, his repeat trip is a testament to what a consistently strong contributor he is. Our one hope is that he doesn't develop a Susan Lucci complex. Goofyhoofy finds himself in Knoxville, Tenn., by way of Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, California, and New Hampshire. Living with Mrs.Goofy and six cats, he confesses that revealing his name would blow this whole "witness protection thing." Congratulations and thanks, Goofyhoofy, for another great year in the Fool Community!

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Interview with Goofyhoofy

How did you first stumble across the Fool and what kept you coming back?
I found a link through AOL, back when your boards were only available there. It took a while to migrate to the Web boards, but I made it eventually. I kept coming back because it was the 1990s and we were making a fortune in the market. <grin>

What about the Fool Community do you value most? How would you describe it to a friend who is completely unfamiliar?
I value the diversity of opinion. I write mine forcefully, I am told, but generally appreciate others with strongly held convictions, even if I disagree. Except on the Political Asylum board, where everyone else is a moron.

To someone who is completely unfamiliar I would say, "It's just like any other Web board except the people are smarter and the software is better." Except on the Political Asylum board, where everyone else is a moron. The software is pretty much the same, however.

Big or small, everyone has done something they are very proud of. Tell us about your proudest moments, greatest achievements, or special talents.
I had a career in radio and ran KDKA in Pittsburgh and WMAQ in Chicago. I spent a bunch of time at WBZ in Boston, but my favorite, I think, was a little 250-watt daytime station in Cambridge in the 1970s. We had a full-time staff of two -- me and the receptionist. We still made a (minor) dent in the Boston ratings. I've also enjoyed developing a couple of shows for cable TV.

I retired a couple of years ago (I'm 56), and lately I've been spending some time learning metalcraft. I'm making wind sculptures out of brass and copper and having a ball.

Do you have specific life ambitions or goals? What are they?
To get Mrs. Goofy back to work. I think I'm pretty much done.

Have you gotten together in person with any of the friends you've met at the Fool? What was it like to put faces and voices to online nicknames and personalities?
Yes, I met one person in Idaho when my wife and I were on a long cross-country sojourn in our RV, and I met another here in Knoxville. Golfwaymore keeps threatening to come up here from his home in Georgia, but we haven't gotten together yet.

Put on your CEO goggles for a minute and look into the future of the Fool Community. Will we still be posting on discussion boards in five years? How do you see our peer-to-peer interaction developing?
I get paid big bucks for this sort of thing. But as a freebie, yes, we'll still be using some form of discussion boards in five years. They may take different forms, but the age of communicativity is upon us, and we won't always want it to be our boss or our mother.