Congratulations go out to Bookgrrl, our 2002 Feste Award winner! (Applause, applause.) Living in a big city on the "border between trendy and scary," she resides with her two attack cats and a 20-pound jar of peanut butter. She's currently in training for the tongue-in-cheek Olympics, where she's working on her 369-pound squat.

All kidding aside, Bookgrrl is an outstanding contributor and one of the most loved Fools in our Community. Here at Fool HQ, we're especially enamored with her Foolish Elves - Acts of Kindness project, which aims to help out the needy around the holidays. As you know, philanthropy, or Foolanthropy as we like to call it, is near and dear to our hearts. Congratulations again, Bookgrrl, for your Foolish contributions!

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Interview with Bookgrrl

How did you first stumble across the Fool and what kept you coming back?
My husband, WonderPup, and my boyfriend, MichaelRead, both told me about the site. I thought to myself, wow, that's so strange, how many times do your husband and boyfriend actually agree on something? 

How would you describe the Fool Community to a friend who is completely unfamiliar?
I'd explain to my friend that the Fool Community is a group of laid-back, good-humored neighbors who really enjoy threads on working mothers, Christianity, SUVs, and war. 

Tell us about your proudest moments, greatest achievements, or special talents.
I can do a pretty good impression of Koko Taylor singing "I Got What It Takes."  Sometimes this gives me a headache, but in a good way.

What technical enhancement for the Fool's discussion boards would you like to see the most?
A WWF-style smackdown in which the women of the For The Girls board take on the men of Political Asylum.

Have you gotten together in person with any of the friends you've met at the Fool? What was it like to put faces and voices to online nicknames and personalities?
I've met Sadiekillmouski, who made me laugh so hard that hot coffee went up my nose, and StickleyFan, to whom I showed my Ugly Pictures.

Do you have a favorite Fool moment or story from the boards?
The Xmas Elves Projects are my favorite moments. Each year, the Project gets better and better. Those elves are some powerful human beings (by the way, if you haven't checked us out yet, come on over to the Elves board).

What's the best post you've ever made? Why?
My posts are nothing in comparison to posts like:

Put on your CEO goggles for a minute and look into the future of the Fool Community. Will we still be posting on discussion boards in five years? How do you see our peer-to-peer interaction developing?
AverageDave will be married to mapletree7. They will have abandoned the Internet for organic farming, and formed The Commune of Highly Unlikely Couples.