David and Tom Gardner recently interviewed XM Satellite Radio(Nasdaq: XMSR) President and CEO Hugh Panero on The Motley Fool Radio Show on NPR. XM reached 1 million subscribers last month, and its stock has gone from $2 to $22 in the past year. This is the last of three parts. Previous parts are linked to the right.

TMF: Hugh, we are an investment show. We speak to a lot of investors. We are always looking for good ideas from our guests. What are a few public or private companies in the world of technology that you admire?

Panero: Well, I admire eBay(Nasdaq: EBAY) a lot. I think they have done a pretty spectacular job. They come to the top of my list right now. In terms of bigger companies, I spend a lot of time thinking about people like Charlie Ergen I know at EchoStar(Nasdaq: DISH), who I feel like in some ways I am sort of shadowing him in terms of what we have done here and what he did with his company. I think the people at DirecTV(NYSE: GMH) have done a nice job of turning their business around.

What is interesting about my job is I get to learn about four different business platforms, in the consumer electronics industry, the automotive industry, the equipment manufacturing business, and the radio business.

TMF: Let's close with our game "Buy, Sell, or Hold." Hugh, we present you with something going on in society and we ask you if it were a stock, would you be buying, selling, or holding... and one sentence as to why. We will begin with buy, sell, or hold New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer?

Panero: I think you buy Eliot Spitzer. I think he is going to be a player in politics in the future.

TMF: He has got a wealth of experience... buy, sell, or hold the enduring legacy of Casey Kasem?

Panero: I think you hold because I don't think this guy is ever going to die. I think you just got to hold.

TMF: OK, if he were a stock, buy, sell, or hold longtime entertainment mogul and now Internet mogul and InterActiveCorp(Nasdaq: IACI) CEO Barry Diller?

Panero: You know, I think you always got to buy Barry Diller. He is just resilient. He started Fox(NYSE: FOX); he has his Vivendi Universal(NYSE: V) and Interactive. I am not quite sure how he plays out in the current field, but the guy just always surfaces. He is one of the smartest and most aggressive guys I know and a very driven man. So I don't think you would ever count a guy like that out.

TMF: Buy, sell, or hold maybe a potential threat to your business: Apple Computer's(Nasdaq: AAPL) iPod?

Panero: I don't know, I think you would probably buy the iPod. The one thing about Steve Jobs and his people is that their business is pretty dependent on coming up every five years with a really kind of terrific product. But it is a wonderful device. I am not quite sure where iTunes would be in terms of the buy, sell, or hold. That may be a bit of a flash in the pan or something that is sort of a loss leader just to really sell iPods. But I think the iPod will be around. I think it will morph into something that has more memory and do different things and comb your hair and get The Motley Fool 24 hours a day whenever you wanted.

TMF: Hugh Panero is the president and CEO of XM Satellite Radio. Hugh, thanks for joining us.

Panero: Thanks a lot.