Boring Portfolio

The Boring Philosophy

THE BORING PORTFOLIO began trading on January 29th, 1996. The Boring approach differs from other Foolish portfolios in many respects.

While you'll find several sexy hi-tech, higher risk Rule Breaking companies in the Fool Port (Rule Breaker Portfolio), and several giant Rule Making companies in the Cash-King Port (Rule Maker Port), many of which were bought without much concern for the mere near-term valuation, the Boring Port favors stringent analysis in order to find the most compelling valuation situations on the market. But being "cheap" alone doesn't make for a great investment. The Boring Port is searching for exceptional companies at reasonable to highly-attractive valuations.

The Boring Port was initially run by Greg Markus (TMF Boring), and on October 1, 1998, the reins were handed to Dale Wettlaufer (TMFRalegh) and Alex Schay (TMFNexus6). Dale and Alex have shared their philosophy from day one, available in the Bore Port archives beginning October 1, and their philosophy will also be provided here permanently as the articles are completed.

This column runs three times a week (M, W and F), and the other days are devoted to discussion with you on the Boring message board.

Fool on!