Drip Portfolio Report
Friday, July 25, 1997
THE MOTLEY FOOL DRIP Portfolio is being launched on America Online and the World Wide Web by Jeff Fischer and Randy Befumo on July 28th, 1997. The first purchases will not be made for at least two weeks afterwards, as the initial stocks need to be discussed and decided upon, and that will take place in public view in the daily portfolio recaps.

You can find answers to many of your questions about the portfolio and DRIPs (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) by clicking through the articles to the right. Eventually, you'll also be able to see all the current holdings in the portfolio on the page that holds the daily recap, and each stock held will be presented with pertinent information. All of these articles are also located within the left-hand navigation bar on every page in the DRIP Portfolio.

Also, every day of the week a portfolio recap will offer thoughts and analysis on the portfolio's stocks, or discussion of possible future stocks, or discuss where monthly additional funds will be invested.

The portfolio has a 20-year goal, as explained in the articles to the right, and is aiming to build wealth beginning with a very modest sum and adding an even more modest amount to that base each month. All transactions and accounting will be done in full public view -- Foolishly! -- and trades will be announced one week beforehand.

The Fool is using the services of The Moneypaper for its DRP account.

Fool on!