NORTHVILLE, MI (Dec. 2, 1999) -- The tabulators have tabulated and the results are in! The inaugural Drip Port Community Contest! has concluded and in a few moments we will crown the DPCC! Big Drip of November!

Our first contest, as you'll recall, incorporated our new and improved message boards, particularly the new "Recommended Post" feature. We encouraged good Fools everywhere to visit the Drip Investing: Basics and Drip Investing: Companies
message boards and cast a vote for the Big Drip of the month by recommending outstanding posts. The Fool who earned the most recommendations on the Drip boards during the month of November would be the big winner and receive a one-year subscription to the Motley Fool Monthly magazine absolutely free and embark on a cross-continent tour of the United States and Canada, drawing the praise and admiration of Fools in every state and province. Of course, we're only going to pay for the magazine part.

The DPCC! Big Drip of November with an astonishing 225 recommended posts is ... envelope please...

George Smyth (GLSmyth on the boards)!

George demonstrated phenomenal Foolishness by averaging 7.5 recommendations a day in the month of November and displaying his usual logic, humor, wit, and good will in each of his numerous contributions to our forum. Congratulations, George! You're the Big Drip!

I'd like to also mention the runners up, all of whom have set exemplary standards for sharing and learning together on our message boards. Our thanks and praise go out to the following Fools for their superb community offerings during the month of November:
Community Name        Recs
jkrou                 53
dfish                 45
tmackfool             39
beejous               36
indycctx              31
Outstanding contributions from all.

The post that earned the single most recommendations during the contest period was an especially humorous effort by one of the runners up, dfish. If you haven't yet read it, it's worth a look: Bad DRIP Signs. Good stuff, Dave!

We'll announce the next contest in a few weeks. Thanks again to everyone who posted or recommended a post. Don't forget that for every post you make on our message boards during December, we'll donate two cents to charity. Keep them posts a comin'.

Drip on, Fools!