First Hand "Education"?

by Harry Jones

(March 11, 1999) -- We've always bought government bonds for our children as soon as they're born and then every year after for about five years. The first two children got the most and for the most years. After the first few, like anything, you do a little less each time. Unfortunate but true.

My parents bought their grandchildren bonds, too, just like they've always done for the family. They grew up in a different time, knowing the Depression a bit closer than most people do today. My mother won't touch stocks with a ten-foot cornstalk. Neither will my father.

I haven't told them yet that we bought into the market this year. My mother thinks it can't go on like this and it'll end just as it ended in 1929. She was born that year. She spent her first eighteen years hearing about it. That's a powerful education. I don't know what could change her mind. Probably nothing.

The S&P rose 0.84%.

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