ALEXANDRIA, VA (August 24, 1999) -- The stock market once again demonstrated its usual antics, moving up, down, sideways, up -- shaking about all day, while the drones who are made drones by watching it, watched it. It has been said for months that today was important. The Federal Reserve met today regarding interest rates. So, let's discuss the result of the Fed's meeting.

First, they gathered around a table with pitchers of cold water and... wait. You know what? We're long-term investors. Who cares what happened?

You can read any other finance-related article to get the vanilla news coverage. Just be certain to read the Wisdom-heavy words with your Foolish long-term view. In three years or less, you won't likely remember any of the articles that you read today anyway. Nor would you likely remember any details from this day if you spend all of it reading financial gibberish. (Nobody knows what will happen next anyhow.)

Perhaps what you'll remember most in the years ahead, actually, is this paragraph -- simply because it is different. Perhaps, rather than reading all of the busy news about the day, you'll create a lasting memory by being Foolish right now. Turn off the computer, rise from the chair, and do something completely different -- something truly Foolish and worthwhile.

Fool on!

P.S. If you really want to continue reading something, see today's Fribble.

P.P.S. 3dfx (Nasdaq: TDFX) got whacked. We have to digest the news and we will certainly discuss it here soon, of course. We have never been reactionaries. Some may say that we're deliberate. We are. We're long term. The message board is digesting the news post by post, and Fools there have summarized the conference call.