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Natalie O'Reilly

Natalie O'Reilly


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The lululemon athletica Division That Is Doing Just Fine

Lululemon's revenue growth may be slowing, but this might change thanks to one important segment.

Lululemon Must Completely Change Its Way of Thinking in Order to Succeed

Lululemon will have to reconsider its target market if it ever wants to experience high growth again.

Brazil’s Fragrance Market Is Rapidly Growing but Can It Save Avon Products by Itself?

Avon must successfully market fragrances and generate sales in Brazil to survive, but can this alone sustain the company over the long term?

Lululemon Athletica Growth Update: Where Can the Yoga-Wear Retailer Go from Here?

Lululemon has already made its mark on North America and parts of Europe, and it's planning further international expansion.

Just How Profitable Is Lululemon Athletica?

Compared to those of its fellow retail rivals, lululemon's balance sheet has a lot going for it.

2 Things Gap's Athleta Has Over Lululemon

Believe it or not, Athleta offers three things to its customers that Lululemon doesn't.

Say What You Want About Lululemon But Its Balance Sheet is Rock Solid

Lululemon's balance sheet is proof that the company still has its operations together.

Lululemon Beats Out Nike and Gap on Customer Loyalty

See what this recent research study uncovered about consumers and where they prefer to shop.


3 Things Lululemon Athletica Has Over the Gap's Athleta

Lululemon goes a step further than competitor Athleta by offering much more to its consumers.

Bed Bath & Beyond's First Quarter Fails to Impress Wall Street

Bed Bath & Beyond's results received no mercy from Wall Street investors, who are taking aim at the company's shares.

Is Laurent Potdevin a Good Fit for Lululemon?

There appear to be mixed feelings on Wall Street about Potdevin leading Lululemon.

The Healthiest Thing About Lululemon Athletica

You’ll never guess the healthiest part of the popular yoga-wear retailer.

Lululemon's Gross Profit Margin Is Looking the Part

Compared to the competition, Lululemon's gross profit margin is holding its ground.

Just Who Is Lululemon's New CEO Laurent Potdevin?

Mr. Potdevin comes to Lululemon with lots of experience, and will likely be the right person to turn things around.

Express Should Accept a Buyout and Go Home

Based on its performance since its IPO, Express may actually benefit from private ownership once again.

Just How Far Can Ulta Beauty Go?

Ulta's current business model definitely has its strengths, and it's looking for more opportunities to expand and out-smart its competition.

Ulta Beauty Reveals Big Results in the First Quarter

Consumers are choosing Ulta stores and salons over those of competitor Regis, and the proof is in the latest quarterly results.

Vince Holding's First-Quarter Earnings Make a Big Splash on Wall Street

Despite stiff competition and its small size, Vince Holding's first-quarter results make it worth consideration.

Ann Proves Not All Retailers Had a Tough First Quarter

Even though competitors experienced sales losses in the first quarter of this fiscal year, Ann held its own.

Is Chico's FAS Having an Unfashionable Spring?

Chico's FAS recently reported its first-quarter earnings for the current fiscal year.