Jason Jenkins

Jason Jenkins


Jason has been writing financial research articles since 2011. He started his career in the financial services world dealing with retirement planning for individuals and small businesses. Later, he would spend several years in the CDO market.

Recent articles

This REIT is Entering Its Golden Years - Along With 90 Million Americans

With a growing population of seniors who are living longer, Health Care REIT's high end, high barrier positioning will bring about strong returns for years to come.

Congressional Inaction Could Set the Housing Recovery Back Years

Congress has allowed the expiration of a tax exemption on mortgage debt forgiveness that could be a catalyst for an increase in future foreclosures.

American Express Poised for Big Growth

Raised growth forecasts by the World Bank for the United States and the developed world will fuel growth revenue for American Express

These Dividend Rock Stars Will Deliver Returns Even With Rising Interest Rates

With the fear of higher interests rates in the future, triple-net lease REITs are still a good choice for stable returns.

MasterCard's Deal With Google Will Change Your Wallet Forever

MasterCard rewards shareholders and enters into a deal with Google to increase transaction volume

Homebuilders' Long-Term Foundation Could Be Built on Shaky Ground

The latest housing numbers don't tell the entire story about the future landscape for homebuilders in the next year or so.

Wall Street Is Crowding Out First-Time Homebuyers

The success or failure of Blackstone's new innovative bond offering could tell a lot about the state of the first-time homebuyer.