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Carolyn Heneghan

Carolyn Heneghan


A new addition to the Motley Fool team, Carolyn is an avid writer of all things tech, food, music, media and business. You can follow her on Twitter at @carolynola11.

Recent articles

Why Disney’s MagicBands Are a Cash Cow in the Making

Earlier this year, Disney rolled out its new MagicBands, multicolored wristbands poised to make a huge return on investment through big data, target marketing, and increased guest spending.

Why Ticket Scalping at the World Cup Could Mean Trouble for FIFA

With FIFA's corporate partner Match Hospitality now linked to a World Cup ticket scalping scandal, it raises the question of how a company like StubHub became a legitimate ticket reselling marketplace.

Who Stands to Benefit When Health Care Wearables Are Everywhere?

The proliferation of health-related wearable technology is undeniable. What does this mean for the future of the healthcare industry itself?

Are Apple and Google About to Reshape the Future of Music Streaming?

Following Apple's acquisition of Beats Music and Google's planned acquisition of Songza, the music streaming industry finds itself at a crossroads with new possible top players on the horizon.

The Original Game Boy Turns 25: How Has Nintendo Fared Since?

Looking back on the Game Boy's past 25 years, has Nintendo been able to solidify its place as a leader in the video game industry?

Why California’s Potential Cell Phone Kill Switch Law Is Pointless

California legislators are moving to pass a bill that would require mobile carriers and manufacturers to include a kill switch in all phones as of 2015. Is this the best way to deter mobile device theft, or is the bill motivated by potential business-related benefits?

Could Apple’s Mobile Payments Disrupt PayPal?

Apple's interest in pursuing mobile payments may make PayPal uneasy, but does the company have anything to worry about?

Can Airbnb, Uber, and Other Shared Economy Companies Threaten the Travel Industry?

Shared economy services for business travelers are growing by leaps and bounds, but is it enough to scare the traditional travel industry?

How NASA, the Navy, and Businesses Can Use the Oculus Rift

While the Oculus Rift has been momentous for the gaming industry, its possibilities for revolutionizing other industries are endless as well.

The Real Reason Google Bought Nest

With its acquisition of "smart" home devices developer Nest Labs, Google can now access consumer information in the home, potentially for more targeted ads. But could this move be good for consumers as well?

Why Is Darden Selling or Spinning Off Red Lobster?

As Darden considers a sale or spinoff of Red Lobster, you have to wonder if seafood itself could be the cause of the restaurant chain's floundering sales.

Do Streaming Music Services Have a Sustainable Business Model?

Music streaming subscription services are the latest trend in the music industry and have already changed the way many people buy and listen to music. But are these services a sustainable business model, and how long will these companies last?

Why the Netflix-Marvel Partnership Makes Sense

Disney and Marvel struck a deal with Netflix for multiple upcoming series rather than taking the traditional network TV route. An unprecedented move, this saga of original programming sets the stage for the future of television viewing and distribution.