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David Eller

David Eller


I started contributing to the Motley Fool in 2013. I have held research positions at two investment banks and two hedge funds before trying more entrepreneurial ventures. I'm passionate about helping people find freedom in financial independence. Feel free to add comments and start a discussion. I hope to use these articles as forums to learn from you as well as share my opinion.

Recent articles

Will Anybody Buy Rackspace?

There are recent indications that some of Rackspace's potential suitors may not be stepping up to the plate.

Why eBay, Inc. Was Up After Guiding Below Consensus

eBay guided next quarter's results below consensus this week. Why is the stock up?

Why Apple's Deal with IBM is the Biggest Tech News of 2014

Tim Cook called IBM a kindred spirit as it inked a deal that vastly expands Apple's distribution in enterprise hardware.

An Indication May Beat Wall St. Estimates

ChannelAdvisor's report on June online sales shows a healthy acceleration for Amazon. Could this indicate a strong financial report in July?

Why Amazon's Fire Phone is Already a Home Run

Amazon doesn't need to sell tens of millions of handsets in order to succeed financially. Here's why.

Is Facebook Taking Share from Yelp?

Facebook is building new features into its restaurant recommendation engine. Will this hurt Yelp?

Is Hertz Global Holdings Ready to Close the Gap with Avis?

Hertz has underperformed its key competitor on share price but as the spin-off date nears, it could close the performance gap.

Should You Care if Netflix Separates the Chairman and CEO Roles?

Netflix voted down the separation of powers between CEO and Chairman. Should you care?

BlackBerry's Turnaround Is Progressing, Slowly

BlackBerry needs a way to regenerate revenue growth. Could price be the hook for organizations to get behind the platform?

The Good, the Bad, and the Weird about Hertz's Restatement

Hertz's restatement isn't a disaster but the company's in tight competition for investment dollars.

Apple Inc. WWDC Keynote: Investor-Friendly Without Trying

Apple is taking shareholder-friendly actions -- it doesn't need to pander to Wall Street analysts.

Your Next iPhone May Double as Body Armor

Apple's new patent indicates an iPhone made of military grade materials might be around the corner.

Shorts Beware: Apple Is No Longer a "Sell the News" Candidate

Positive news hasn't always been positive for Apple shareholders. That changed in the last year.

Netflix Is Spending its Price Hike, Are Investors Set up for a Fall?

Netflix is launching a new series that may be as expensive as House of Cards. Will this level of increased expense shock investors on the next earnings call in July?

Is Apple Turning up the Heat in Home Automation?

Apple is expected to discuss a new initiative in home automation at WWDC next week. This follows Google and may drive other competitors into the industry.

FireEye Inc's False Start May Cause a Massive Short Squeeze

FireEye was fighting history when its lockup expired and shorts were ready to pounce. However, the event was widely understood and may be a positive catalyst.

BlackBerry Now Promoting Android Apps to Close the Gap

Can BlackBerry fill the holes in its application platform by courting Android developers?

NQ Mobile Inc: 1 Foot in the Grave?

NQ Mobile missed its revised deadline for filing its 20-F that would contain an audit opinion on its financial statements. This could be the first step on the path to bankruptcy.

Pandora Media Inc Is Carrying a Knife to a Gun Fight

Pandora's competition is picking up dramatically as its monthly metrics indicate growth is slowing. Since there are no profits to support the share price, this could hurt shareholders substantially.

Apple's Beats Acquisition Brings It One Step Closer to Being IBM

Apple is using its balance sheet to buy growth. It's a page out of IBM's and Microsoft's playbook. However, this is good for investors.