Hugo St.

Hugo St.


A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Williams College (Economics and English degrees) who then moved to Boston to work for three years as a management consultant. Leverages that real-world experience, where he helped Fortune 50 companies affect their bottom-line via various CEO-level initiatives, to better understand when the market misprices a company in either direction since that creates potential value for new positions, long or short. Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, FL.

Recent articles

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Pending Wolfson investor approval, Cirrus Logic will acquire the Edinburgh-based multinational for a value of approximately $467 million.

Morgan Stanley's Strong Results Will Lead to Big Rewards for Shareholders

On the back of strong financials in Q1 2014, Morgan Stanley signals its strength by increasing its dividend 100%, the first time it has increased it since 2004.

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With two weeks to go until Cirrus Logic releases its Q3 2014 earnings, which way are the winds blowing for this seemingly unloved Apple supplier?

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Apple positions itself to grow substantially in the largest mobile market in the world; suppliers stand ready to benefit.

What We Learned From Cirrus Logic's Presentation at Goldman Sachs' Growth Conference

On Nov. 14, Cirrus Logic's CFO, Thurman Case, presented at Goldman Sachs' inaugural small-/mid-cap growth conference, conveying his company's business case in a clear and convincing manner.

Is Cirrus Logic Still a Buy After All That's Happened?

The recent selloff in Cirrus Logic's stock represents a deep discount that should allow smart investors the chance to establish, or add to, positions in the company.

Why Metadata Has Always, and Will Always, Matter

Massive metadata-gathering efforts by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter highlight the extraordinary value inherent in creating your own proprietary "gold mine" to extract value from over time.