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mortgage payments

Are Extra Mortgage Payments Worth It? A Look at the Numbers

It all depends on how much you spend and when you spend it.

A CPA Answers: How Can Investors Maximize Car-Related Tax Deductions?

How do you save money? It depends. But it's good to know your options.

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The process gets simpler when you know what lenders want.

A Case Against Frugality: Why Pinching Pennies is Not the Best Path to Wealth

What habits are most important in building lasting wealth? If you think it's frugality, then check out this compelling argument AGAINST being frugal!

Newbies: Before You Buy Property, Gauge Your Rental Rates. Here’s How.

Real estate newbies: Before you jump in, you should absolutely determine market rental rates so you know what you're getting into! Here's how.

Strike Price vs. Goal Price: How to NOT Leave Money on the Table When Negotiating

Are you playing your cards right at real estate negotiations? Learn the difference between strike and goal prices and how to strategize for the best deal!

The Savvy Buyer's Guide to Winning Deals in a Seller's Market

How to get the best deal when the seller has the upper hand.

Buy With Confidence: A Brief Guide to Due Diligence for Apartments

Due diligence is essential to every real estate deal -- especially big apartment deals! Learn the fundamental items you should look out for here.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing: Can You Really Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

In turnkey real estate investing, the investor buys, rehabs, and has a property managed through a third-party, usually from a long distance away. Is it right for you?

5 Things No One Tells You About Owning Vacation Home Rentals

A vacation home can be a great investment, but (unlike a nice vacation) it won't always be relaxing.

4 Priceless Contract Negotiation Tips to Keep You in Control of the Deal

The problem is that none of these tips I’m about to give you are in any standard contracts, and most attorneys don’t put them into their contracts either.

5 Habits of Highly Miserable New Real Estate Investors (& How to Kick Them!)

This business of real estate investing is not easy, and you don’t want to add misery to the beginning process. Here are some common misery pitfalls and helpful solutions to avoid them.

5 Dangerous Real Estate Investing Myths Beginning Investors Believe

It's time to pull back the curtain and debunk some popular and potentially harmful real estate investment myths.

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There are several reasons to hire a property management company, and it's worth taking the time to find the right one.

The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Get Started as a Real Estate Investor

Here's what you need to know to get started at real estate investing.

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Does your tenant need to break a lease? Here are five legitimate reasons.