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Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz


Jason Ditz is the News Editor for He has 10 years of experience in foreign policy research and his work has appeared in Forbes, Toronto Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Providence Journal, Washington Times and the Detroit Free Press.

Recent articles

Underpants, Ground Beef, and Car Dealerships: A History of Leucadia National

Likely the most well-known of the Mini Berkshires, Leucadia National is still something of a mystery, with a complex history and an array of businesses that can look overwhelming on the surface. Here, we look deeper into the history of the company, and how it came to be involved in so many businesses.

How to Invest in the Opening of Mexico's Oil Market

The Mexican Senate has finally signed off on a bill that will end almost 80 years of state monopoly on oil production. Which stocks are the most likely to get in on this new market?

Lloyds, RBS, Barclays, and HSBC: Britain's Big Four Banks Face A Big Breakup Threat

Breaking up Britain's long-standing "big four" banks has become a political hot-button issue heading into the May election. What this could mean, who is most at risk, and why it could be good news for some investors.

3 High-Value Insurance Stocks Trading at Huge Discounts

A look at three life insurance companies whose stocks offer growth on the cheap.

Major Iraq Oilfields Change Hands, Could Start New Bidding Process

The Iraqi Oil Ministry has lost control of two major oil fields near Kirkuk this past week. Why could this restart the bidding process on those fields, and who has the inside track?

Redefining Crude Oil: Investing in the Condensate Producers

The US Commerce Department is under growing pressure to revise its definition of "crude oil" to allow exports of condensate. Here we examine some of the largest producers of condensates.

Recent Controversy Aside, Portugal Telecom's Upcoming Merger With Oi Remains a Good Thing

Both Portugal Telecom and Brazilian partner Oi SA are falling precipitously on fighting over undisclosed investments in Luxembourg. Here we explore why the selloff has gone too far.

Europe's Looming Gas Crisis: The Winners and Losers

With fall and winter just around the corner, the unresolved Ukraine gas dispute will soon become a continent-wide crisis, threatening vital imports. Here we examine which companies are in the best position to benefit from this, and who the big losers could be.

Stalled Iran Talks a Bullish Sign for Brent Crude Producers

The interim nuclear deal with Iran is scheduled to end on July 20. With a deal unlikely, more threats to limit Iranian crude exports are likely, adding upward pressure to the Brent spot price.

Leviathan Gas Deal Could Be a Big Win for Noble Energy

BG Group has signed a letter of intent seeking a major purchase of natural gas from Israel's offshore Leviathan reservoir. Here we examine what this could mean for the primary companies involved in the project.

Who Has the Inside Track for This Oil-Rich Iraqi City's Production?

As Iraq fighting continues, the oil production in several parts of the nation has ground to a halt. Yet opportunities abound in the ongoing Iraqi breakup, with the city of Kirkuk the richest prize of all.

Japan's Economy Is Turning Around: These 3 Banks Could Be Poised For Big Growth

Economists are cheering Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plans to reduce the corporate tax to below 30 percent. Here we examine three major Japanese financials that could benefit a lot from the reforms.

German Contract Loss a Big Blow to Verizon, May Benefit European Competitors

The German government's decision to end the Verizon Internet contract was the latest blow to an American company stemming from the NSA backlash. What it could mean, and which EU companies might stand to benefit?

Drilling for Profits in Oil Services

The latest oil boom has driven the oil majors up to new highs, and while it may be late to start investing there, oil and gas services companies are bargains not yet recognized by the market.

What Gaming Console Company Is the Best Investment?

The transition to the latest generation of video game consoles was awkward, but sales are now picking up speed. We take a close look at where the big three console makers stand in the early going.

Investing in the Iraq Breakup: 3 Stocks to Benefit

Iraq is falling apart, and as al-Qaeda fighters tear through the north and west of the country, a split seems more and more likely. But some companies are positioned to benefit from this.

Despite a Thriving Sector, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays Remain Oversold

When the market turns sour on a company, it can turn really sour. Here are three companies beat up beyond all reason, and which could all bounce back

EPA Threats Overblown, Coal Industry Still Has Legs

Why the recent EPA emissions plans are unlikely to happen as proposed, and which coal companies are the best bargains right now.

Libya Oil Export Cut Could Benefit Brent Crude Producers

Libya's oil exports have been dropping for a while, and may soon dry up entirely. Find out which Brent Crude producers are best positioned to cash in on this shortfall.

Policy Blunders Put U.S. Tech Companies at a Substantial Disadvantage

American technology companies have long been the dominant market leaders on the Internet. But, as government policy puts these companies' services at risk, can they sustain their leadership positions both at home and abroad?