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U.S. Oil Imports On the Rise Once More

While the shale boom provided a huge boost to U.S. crude oil production, the price drop over the last year has seen output fall and oil imports from Nigeria rise once again.

Is the Oil and Gas Fire Sale About to Start?

Ongoing volatility in the oil markets and increasing worries about credit redeterminations across the sector could soon spur a massive wave of asset acquisitions.

Trouble Ahead for the World's Next Shale Boom?

Argentina has long been touted as the likely successor to the U.S. shale boom. However, with elections upcoming in October, there may be significant changes for the oil and gas industry there soon.

Oil Majors Sacrifice Production to Protect Dividends

The current period of depression in the oil markets has left the oil majors with a tough decision: risk future output by cutting capex and not dividends, or risk losing major investors now.

Is This the End of the U.S Shale Gas Revolution?

For many years, U.S shale gas production has been on the rise, but the ongoing oil price slump and the fact that gas is often a side product of oil drilling has put an end to the natural gas boom.

BMW Going All-Electric

In light of ever-stricter emissions regulations, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers has announced a radical shift in production toward hybrids and EVs.

Decline in U.S. Oil Production Accelerates

The EIA has released its latest revisions of U.S. crude oil production for 2015 so far, and while they are down substantially, this is no reason for celebration in the markets

2020 Could Mark the Tipping Point for U.S. Solar

With costs declining and installations expanding, it is hard to see how solar will not be the technology of choice for the electric power sector in the U.S. over the long term.

The Oil Bust Is Great for Business Here

Refiners the world over are working flat out to capitalize on the drop in low oil prices as margins reach unprecedented levels and demand for refined products soars.

Egypt Gas Discovery More Bad News for Russia

Eni’s massive discovery offshore Egypt could prove crucial to the nation’s future, but may also represent a threat to Russia’s energy ambitions.

Buffet’s Solar “Insurance” Coup In Nevada

NV Energy’s recent deal to patronize a large scale solar project in Nevada may indicate a change in the way utilities and solar operators interact across the United States.