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Does Arctic Drilling Have a Future With Sub-$50 Oil?

Whereas Shell’s arctic drilling operations could count on a massive load of critique, arctic drilling in the Norwegian seas is about to begin. What is the outlook?

BP Not Giving Up on the North Sea Just Yet

While the recent double dip in oil prices has many oil majors in retreat, BP has made a significant long-term investment in one of its most reliable plays.

EPA Cracking Down on U.S. Methane Waste

While the oil and gas industry decries the latest EPA emissions regulations, the reality is that the current proposals would be easy and cheap to implement as they do not address existing leaks.

A Bargain in Oilfield Services Right Now

While the services sector continues to suffer under the pressure of low oil prices and capex cuts across the industry, there are still some survivors investors should consider.

Are Big Oil's Dividends Sustainable?

Big oil has been paying some extraordinary dividends lately. But how sustainable is this practice in the light of "lower-for-longer" oil prices?

Is Portable Energy Tech Finally Worthy of Investment?

One emerging energy trend that has so far disappointed energy investors may now finally have several companies worthy of investment…

Where Is Oil Heading? New Reports From IEA, OPEC, and EIA Provide Clues

EIA, IEA and OPEC have all released their monthly oil market reports with the consensus being that the oil markets are recovering but taking longer than expected to do so.

Chevron's Mishap Highlights Risk of Deepwater Drilling

Chevron’s setback on its $5 billion Big Foot project serves as the latest reminder that even for oil’s Big Four, deepwater projects are still extremely risky.

Frack Now, Pay Later: A New Era in U.S. Oil?

The big service companies are essentially acting as lenders to the oil companies.

Carbon Tax Could Be Fossil Fuel Industry Achilles' Heel

When it comes to fulfilling the new energy investment imperatives, there is only one clear winner who stands head and shoulders above all other energy sources.

EPA's Clean Power Plan Tougher Than Expected

The EPA has announced even tougher emissions regulations than previously, which will come as yet more bad news for the U.S. coal industry.

China Getting Serious About Solar Energy

With a renewable energy market valued at over $89 billion, China now appears to be taking its emissions commitments very seriously.

Bad Second Quarter Has Oil Majors Restructuring

The second quarter of 2015 has been a bad one for most of the oil majors, and as the outlook remains highly uncertain, extra layoffs and internal restructuring are expected.

UPS Goes Big on Renewable Fuels

Transport giant UPS closed deals with a Finnish company and two American companies to secure renewable fuels for its fleet.

BP's Risky Investments Turning Sour

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP has struggled with a combination of bad luck and bad investment decisions that have undermined the company’s global position.

Here's How to Play Low Oil Prices

Investors concerned about the future of the energy markets should consider this stock as a diamond in the rough, given its diverse and bright future.

Energy Stocks: Undervalued or Value Trap?

While the shale space has been hit hard, investors in some of the world’s oil majors have almost never had it so good, a trend which is likely to continue.

Is This the Next Major Step in Offshore Drilling?

The latest announcement by Subsea 7 indicates a quickly developing trend in offshore drilling, as subsea systems take the lead in cost reduction and efficiency.

The Biggest Energy Crooks

The two major international oil industry scandals in Brazil and Nigeria have demolished investor faith in two of the world’s most promising emerging oil and gas markets.

Top 10 Changes in U.S. Oil Sector This Year

The U.S. oil and gas industry has seen some significant repositioning over the last 12 months as companies adapt to a new oil price environment.